The Stain

‘’Oh my, have you seen Alice lately, there is a huge stain the size of my fist on her dress, imagine a whole fist. Who does she think she is, acting like she knows it all and now even the new youth Pastor Jason likes her, does he know all about her and her past? Someone has to tell him; after all I am just trying to be my brother’s keeper’’.

This was Tamar’s proclamation to her group of friends as they sat and gisted after church service, they had been gisting about recent happenings in church and quite naturally the subject of Alice came up. Tamar felt she had to put things right, it was her responsibility as her brother’s keeper to let others see the light before they stumbled especially Pastor Jason, since he was new in church and didn’t know much about Alice.

Tamar went ahead to warn Jason about Alice’s past, she then took it a step further and warned Alice also to stay away from Pastor Jason so she doesn’t spoil his reputation. She told Alice that she should spend more time improving on her life, pray more and spend time in the word, instead of seducing an innocent man, she told her she didn’t deserve him what with her all her past and mistakes. She further emphasized that Pastor Jason was a good man who deserved a good woman and went on to give Alice a thorough wash down of her person and apparent lack of morals as far as she was concerned and concluded by saying the ‘come as you are’ phrase in church has allowed just about anyone to come into church and even have the nerve to serve. Tamar said all of this whilst poking at the stain in Alice’s dress, when she was done; she walked away, head and shoulders held high and nose in the air.

As Tamar walked away after ‘putting Alice in her place’, Alice was embarrassed, hurt and disappointed, she felt like just giving up, she just wanted to serve and love God that’s all.  It all sounded so simple but it was becoming so hard to fit in but then she saw something. She refused to believe it, but it was right there staring her in her face, Tamar was as a leader in church, ‘a saint’ how was it possible that what she saw was really true?

Alice saw all over Tamar’s retreating back  huge stains the size of a football  several of them scattered all over her dress…


When you point a finger at someone, remember that the remaining four are pointing right back at you.


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2 Responses to The Stain

  1. It’s sad that such people exist in the church. They don’t see the log in their eyes but are quick to point out the speck in another’s eye. We are called to love not judge

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