My Lost Angel.


Hello there, thank you for always coming to my blog to read my posts and stories, the past few weeks have been crazy for me but trust me my weekly posts would always be done. This week, I am starting another series and yes it is a love story but a different kind of love story. Join me as we go on this beautiful journey and enjoy the story of Ella.

angels_guardians_from_heaven___their_habitats_book_surrealism_and_fantasy__abstract__0101772834766b919c48244e5a7c3641“I am so sorry Ella, we could not help her this time, the brain aneurysm was more severe than the last and am afraid, your mum is gone”; Dr Olaitan said to Ella. Ella could not understand what Dr Olaitan was saying, her mother had had another seizure and this time it had killed her. The first time her mother had a seizure  was four years ago, Ella had just returned home from school and found her convulsing, her eyes rolled back and she was foaming at the mouth; she immediately ran to her and began to scream for help hoping that Mr. Bode her next door neighbor would hear  and come to her rescue.  He heard and came running to her aid, they carried her to the hospital and after several tests and scans, it was discovered that she had brain tumor.

After a month, Ella’s Mother was released to go home; the doctors said chemotherapy would not help her because the tumor was not discovered early enough and it had grown to be the size of a baseball.  Ella had taken very good care of her Mother because she was all the family she had left, she made sure she lacked nothing and gave her all the attention she needed. She took up extra jobs to pay for the hospital bills and she even considered dropping out of the University but for her Mother’s insistence that she must not drop out in her final year. Ella had done nothing else but work, take care of her mother and go to school, she lived for nothing else. She turned down numerous dates and didn’t attend clubs and social functions that her mates did; she had heard that she was seen as a snob and a prude but she didn’t care, all that mattered to her was her Mothers well-being.

When Ella graduated from the University, she got a job with a marketing firm almost immediately and things were beginning to look up. She had more money to take care of her Mother and provide her with the best drugs and was considering flying her overseas for better treatment. She refused to believe that her Mother’s sickness could not be cured, she held onto the hope that there was solution beyond the shores of Nigeria. She had just received the email that afternoon from the hospital in India that they would be willing to see her Mother and check her out. She had rushed home to give her Mother the good news when she found her on the floor and rushed her to the hospital, now the doctor was telling her that her Mother was gone.


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  1. Well done Jesuseun. Good read.

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