My Lost Angel – II

angels_guardians_from_heaven___their_habitats_book_surrealism_and_fantasy__abstract__0101772834766b919c48244e5a7c3641Ella’s mind could not just fathom what the doctor was saying; her mum could not be dead. She ran out of the doctor’s office to the Intensive Care Unit where her mum was being treated and she found the nurses prepping her body to be taken away to the mortuary. She let out a shrill scream that was heard throughout the hospital, she ran to her mother’s body, pushed the nurses aside and grabbed her Mum shaking her and begging her to open her eyes. When the nurses tried to comfort and pry her hands away from her mum’s lifeless body, she screamed and told they to go away; they tried all they could but to no avail. When the doctor who broke the sad news came into the room and tried to talk some sense into her, she told him;

“My Mother is not dead, she would never leave me, you don’t understand she is all I have; no one will take her anywhere, she is alive, she is not dead”.

When he saw that they were getting nowhere with her, he told the nurses to get a sedative, her hysteria was getting out of hand and aside from the racket she was causing, they were afraid she was in shock and could harm herself. While she was crying and willing life to return to her mother’s lifeless form, she did not feel the prick of the cold needle against her skin, few minutes later, she was enveloped in darkness.

When Ella woke from the induced sleep, she found herself lying in a hospital bed and was confused but not for long because all the memories came rushing in, she looked around and saw the now empty bed where her mother had lain hours before and she began to weep. The doctor came to her bedside just then held her hand and tried to comfort her, he asked if they had any family members that needed to be informed of her mum’s death and she said no. He asked if she had any friends or colleague’s that could come and stay with her but she also replied in the negative. The doctor looked at her with compassion and asked why, she replied;

“When I said my mother was all I had, I was not lying or joking. She is the only family I have ever had or known, I spent all my time working so I could get enough money to take her overseas for better treatment and now she is gone”.

The doctor did not know what to say but he promised that he would help her in preparing for her mum’s burial, he told her that they would see to all the arrangements but her help would be needed so they could give her mum a befitting burial. With tears in her eyes, she thanked him and he left. After a while she went out to the hospital gardens to take a stroll, she needed fresh air and to clear her thoughts.

Ella knew that from then on, her life would never be the same; she didn’t know what she was going to do, her Mother had always talked about God and purpose but the purpose for which she lived had been taken from her.  She couldn’t understand how there could be a purpose for her death, why would God take the only person she loved. If God took delight in taking away her mother, she wanted no part with him anymore.

“Why would you take my mother away from me, she loved you and served you faithfully and this is how you reward her by killing her slowly with cancer, ehn? If this is the kind of God you are, from today, I want no part with you”; she shook her fist screaming up at the sky.


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4 Responses to My Lost Angel – II

  1. This is a Realistic and nice write-up. Kudos.
    She failed God’s test and fell into darkness. As Christians we ought to know that death isn’t the end of life, but its indeed the beginning of Life. An article of mine titled “Life is not all about purpose” addresses this issue of people having the wrong beliefs even while walking in the line of God’s purpose.

  2. Hello miss!
    Your blogs are creative and somewhat adventurous. Kudos!
    I just nominated you for the Mystery Blogger award.
    I’m looking forward to your approval. God Bless!

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