My Lost Angel – IV

Ella had buried her Mother, now it was time to begin the healing process, at least that was what everyone kept telling her. With seemingly genuine smiles on their faces and pity in their eyes, some would hug or hold her hand while urging her to accept her fate and move on, some even had the gall and effrontery to tell her to turn her focus now on getting married and having a bunch kids; she didn’t understand how people could be so insensitive.

Her boss had given her few weeks off, he said she needed it seeing that she was one his best workers and in the years since she started working, she never took a day off not even her annual leave. Ella spent all her time at home, being depressed, crying nonstop and sleeping, she had no friends so she had no visitors except the pastor’s wife who dropped by a few times. One morning, Ella wandered around the house and decided to go into her Mother’s room; she had avoided it like a plague because she wasn’t sure she could handle it. The moment she opened the door, the first thing that hit her was her Mother’s signature scent, the sweet smell of her favorite perfume “Mirage” by Vovi.  Tears rushed to her eyes and absently she wondered;

“How much tears, can one person cry?”

She didn’t step into the room at first, she glanced around and it seemed like her Mum had gone out and would be back any moment.  Her bed was still laid, everything was in place, her Mother was a stickler for order unlike her who always left a chaos in her wake, and her Mother said she was just like her Father. Still glancing around her eyes fell on her Mother’s bible and journal on her bedside table and she went to pick it when her eyes fell on the framed picture she and her Mother had taken when she graduated from the University. Her Mother had already been diagnosed with cancer at the time but looking at the picture, you would never know because whereas Ella had a guarded smile, her Mum had thrown her head back and laughed like she had no care in the world.  She had said she was glad she was alive to witness her daughter’s graduation and was proud of her.

Ella picked the picture and stroked her Mom’s face, she missed her sorely; when she could not take it anymore, she ran out of the room and decided that she needed to clear out her mum’s room. She could not do it alone, she needed help so she went to her landlady and told her she needed someone to help her dispose of her mum’s things and clean twice in a week.  Her landlady, a plump little lady had promised to tell her own cleaning lady to send one of her daughters, Ella thanked her and went back to her apartment.

Ten minutes later, Ella heard a knock at her door, when she answered it, she saw a young beautiful dark skinned girl at her door, when she asked her what she wanted, she smiled and said;

“Aunty Ella, you said you need help, so here I am”.


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