My Lost Angel -V

“Aunty Ella, you said you need help, so here I am”…

At her doorstep stood this beautiful skinny dark girl smiling up at her; Ella looked skeptically at her and asked;

“Please, who are you and what are you talking about?”

The girl replied smiling; “My name is Angela, you told your landlady you needed someone to clean every week, so here I am”.

Ella looked her over, and asked how old she was and she said she was sixteen years old. Ella shrugged and let her in; she figured that if her landlady sent her, then she was capable of doing the job. She showed her to her living room, told her to have a seat and proceeded to do a mini interview; if Angela was going to be cleaning her house, she needed to know who she was. Angela told her she always cleaned houses with her Mother but sometimes they had to split houses when they had more than one to clean at a time. She also told her she was still in secondary school so she would clean in the evenings and weekends.  Ella said the times were fine with her and when she told her what she was willing to pay; Angela also said it was fine with her, they agreed that Angela would start the next day and she left. Ella liked Angela immediately, she didn’t know why but there was something endearing about her especially the way she smiled and looked straight into your eyes when she was talking to you.

Ella spent the next day cleaning out her Mothers room and by the time Angela knocked on her door, she had expended tears, energy and done nothing. When she opened the door to let Angela in, again she was smiling up at her and she didn’t know when she started smiling too. She showed Angela her mother’s room and side by side they quietly began to work and put her things into different bags and boxes.  They started by clearing out her clothes and while they did, Angela started telling her funny jokes and stories that made Ella laugh until her sides ached; by the time they were done putting the clothes away and she had separated the ones she wanted, Ella realized what she thought would be a sad chore had been done without her crying but laughing.

Then they moved to her Mother’s books and Angela asked if she wanted to give them out and she said no, she would keep them and look through them some day. When Angela picked her mother’s bible and showed her, Ella told her she could throw it into the bin or take it if she wanted it; Angela refused and said she was sure Ella’s mother would have wanted her to have it. Ella looked at Angela and said “My mother served God all her life, see where it got her”.

Angela smiled and said to her “Aunty I don’t know so much but I know God loves you and he has good plans for you…”

Before Angela could go on, Ella cut her off immediately and told her to never say anything religious to her again as long as she wanted to keep working for her.


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