My Lost Angel -VI

“If you want to continue working here, shut your mouth and work; no more talk about God and his goodness” screamed Ella.

She gave Angela a hard stare and walked out of her mother’s room; when she got to her room, she threw herself on her bed, still brimming with anger, she screamed into one of the pillows. Why was she allowing what a teenager said get to her? She didn’t understand life or what she had been through, she only knows what she’s been told. Ella was so upset but a thought kept nagging at her, then it clicked; it was odd but she was sure of it, after she screamed at Angela, the girl smiled.

The next time Angela came to clean for Ella was a weekend and she apologized for snapping at her but insisted that she didn’t want any God stuff. Angela told her all was well and went about her chores; she didn’t say a word; she kept to herself and hummed a tune Ella thought sounded familiar but she could quite place. Ella didn’t mind as long as she didn’t disturb her. When Angela was done cleaning, she told Ella she was leaving but she said she should stay and talk a while. Ella was still feeling a little guilty so she decided to be nicer; she urged her to have dinner with her and she agreed.

While they made dinner, they chatted about movies, music and boys. As always Angela made her laugh till her sides ached; for someone so young she knew so much and seemed wise beyond her years. By the time dinner was ready and they ate, time was far spent and Angela told her she had to leave because she still had homework and she was going to school the next day.

After Angela left, Ella went to clean the kitchen she had insisted that Angela not do it; besides she thought it would keep her mind occupied. While she was washing plates, she found that she was humming, she wasn’t even sure what song it was but it sounded a lot like what Angela had been humming earlier.

“Angela, that girl is a handful” she chuckled.

Soon the chuckles evolved into a hearty laugh when she recalled a joke she shared over dinner.

Ella was resuming work the next day, her leave had come to an end and though she missed her mother terribly, life had to go on. As she lay on her bed that night, her eyes fell on her mother’s portrait on her bedside table; she picked it, stroked her mother’s face and kissed her. As she put it down and turned off the lights, she remembered something her mother always said;

“He never leaves us, or forsakes us, we are never alone”

Ella never felt more alone and forsaken, she sighed and closed her eyes.  Just before she drifted off to sleep, she remembered the tune Angela was humming and smiled; all of a sudden, she remembered the words of the song, it was a song her Mother sang to her as a child;

“Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me, Yes Jesus loves me, my bible tells me so”…


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