My Lost Angel – VII

Angela was simply a breath of fresh air for Ella, since she started working for her, Ella no longer felt gloomy and depressed even though she missed her mother and still couldn’t make sense of her death. She was learning to live again and had resumed work but somehow she always found herself looking forward to Angela’s visits, if she could call it that; and there was the matter of her either inviting her to one church programme or the other or singing gospel songs while she cleaned. Ella didn’t mind anymore, it reminded her of her mum and gave her a sense of peace and calm. She was still angry at God for allowing her mother die but she didn’t mind Angela talking about him because she spoke as if she knew him personally and when she did, she always had look Ella could describe as serene.

When Angela came to clean her place the following weekend, she urged her to see a movie with her after she was done, she wanted to enjoy her company a little more and Angela obliged her.  The movie was like the modern version of the biblical story of the prodigal son; Ella remembered the story because her mother always told it to her when she was little, she said it was a reminder that no matter what we do God never stops loving or leaves us.  When the movie ended, Angela asked her if she liked it and she shrugged and said;

“It was okay, I guess”

A lot of memories began to flood her mind, things her Mother used to tell her, verses she used to read to her from her bible; she didn’t know why and she couldn’t help it. When Angela told her she was leaving, Ella walked her to the door and just as she was about to close the door, she looked at her and said;

“He really does love you and will never leave you, I know you don’t feel like it with all that has happened but talk to him and allow him talk to you, he’s got great plans for you, you know”

After she said that, she smiled at Ella and left. Ella closed the door and shook her head, she would never understand why Angela always spoke the way she did but she had grown to like it.  She went into her mother’s room and her eyes fell on her mother’s bible, she picked it, sat down and began to read; she read late into the night and was so overwhelmed that she began to cry. That was the turning point for her, instead of feeling hopeless like she used to, she felt peace, joy, loved and wanted; she was certain God had great plans for her and she couldn’t wait for them to unfold.

All week, she looked forward to the next visit from Angela; she wanted to tell her the good news so when she heard a knock on her door that Saturday morning, she smiled as she went to open the door. She found a girl at her doorstep who said;

“Madam good morning, my name na Ekaette, na your landlady send me come say you dey find person wey go clean for you”

Ella told her that her landlady already sent someone few weeks back and she didn’t need two people cleaning for her. Ekaette insisted that she was the only one who cleaned for her landlady; Ella became confused and decided to clear it out with the landlady. When she got there, she told her landlady that she liked Angela’s work well enough and didn’t need extra hands; but the landlady replied;

“I just sent Ekaette to you this morning; I didn’t send anyone to you before, who is Angela”.


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