KILLA: (Diary Of The Tempted)

This short poem was inspired when i read Proverbs 5:1-20. It is the story of someone who had been through a bitter experience, trying to warn another person about to make the same mistake. I have always found it intriguing that we try to help other people avoid the same mistakes we made and it has nothing to do with religion, ethnicity or color, it just being humane; this is all this poem is about.

Dear Friend, listen closely

Listen I pray attentively

This is how I see it

If you listen, don’t forget see

You will get good sense

And escape trouble, no matter how tense.

I made the mistake already,

So listen, you can avoid it be ready.

I was idle when I should have been busy

Didn’t want stress, took the way easy

I should have been working

Instead I was lurking.

Then I saw her; she was a vision

From head to toe, she was perfection.

She walked towards me; I asked if I was dreaming?

When she spoke, her voice was smooth and soft,

Sweet like honey in a pot.

She said “I have been looking for you, let’s go have the time of our lives

And indeed we did, we had ourselves a blast

Everything happened so fast.

I lost my family, my home and my peace,

I was stripped of all piece by piece.

Listen friend, I know you are young;

But you are her prefect target and it won’t be long.

Before she strips you bare, a pain in your gut

A wound in your heart, as you rot.

Stay away from her, she is death

Her path leads straight to hell.

She may be beautiful outside

But she is black as night inside.

Don’t let her body fool you

Her voice, skills and expertise too.

I should have taken care of my home,

I have been satisfied with my own.

Oh dear friend, listen I beg;

Give wisdom to your heart and direction to your leg.

I can still hear her raucous evil laughter,

It mocks me daily, beats me like a batter.

She is a killa, that’s what she is;

She kills lives, homes and destinies see.


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