The Family Name.

I absolutely love watching crime solving, mind blowing series like “The Mentalist, NCIS,CSI and Criminal Minds” that give a huge dose of suspense and intrigue tinged with a mystery; I find it very exciting  and a few of my friends have called me weird because of this. I do appreciate a good love story but can’t stand those sappy ones they show on “Telemundo and Zee world”; I find them to be boring, predictable, unnecessarily prolonged and over exaggerated.

These crime solving series reveal the depths of the depravity of the human mind and how we can justify our actions no matter how wrong or bizarre. I saw a particular episode of a teenager who went to her dentist to have her teeth checked but ended up getting drugged and raped, and the dentist was her uncle. After wrongly accusing someone else which led to his murder, the memory of what happened came back to the girl and she reported to the police that she remembered clearly that it was her uncle that raped her. Her family didn’t support her at first and the uncle said she was doing drugs but in the end they got undeniable evidence and he was arrested. After the movie was over, I thought to myself, if this had happened in this part of the world, it would have turned out very differently and that is what led to this new series, Enjoy.

At 15, Rebecca had gotten another double promotion so that from S.S.1, she was going to S.S.3 instead of S.S.2 like her mates. She was what you would call a genius, a nerd or a whiz kid, she was brilliant and exceptionally talented, whether it was in sports, drama or music she always did brilliantly well. Her parents were super proud of her and were quick to sing her praises any chance they got. Becky as she was fondly called was the 2nd child of 2 girls born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Josephine Oge. While Becky was extroverted, lively and loved by all, her elder sister Ada, who was 3 yrs older was the very opposite of everything she was.

Ada was secretive, rebellious, stubborn and smart, it seemed that she intentionally did things to cause her parents pain and didn’t care what they or anyone thought. She once told Becky that when she got admission into the University, she was never coming back home except once in a year and it would be to see her. That was the part Becky could not understand, Ada was angry and disobedient to her parents but loving and fiercely protective of her. She once tried to ask her parents about her sister’s behavior but they rebuked and told to never ask such bad questions about her sister again but to keep praying for her so God would touch her.

Later that year, Ada got admission into the University of Lagos and the night before she left, she came into Becky’s room, hugged her tightly and said to her;

“I am leaving for school tomorrow and I am not coming back except once in a year to see you like I have always said”. Becky tried to protest but she shushed her and continued;

“Be very careful Becky, watch yourself, and be very very careful, I won’t be around to take care of you, so you have to do it yourself”

After she said that, she hugged her close one more time and left her room. Becky wrapped her hands around her knees and cried, she was going to miss her sister, she never understood why she so desperately wanted to leave and more so why the ominous warning.


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