The Family Name – II

After Ada left for the University, true to her words, she didn’t look back; she never went home, not even when the school was on break or during public holidays. Becky asked her Parents one more time about her sister’s weird behavior but all they told her was;

“Nne just continue praying for your sister biko, so that God can touch her heart”.

Becky didn’t understand why she should be praying for God’s touch on Ada’s heart when all she needed were answers to her questions. Even though the sisters kept in touch through calls, texts and phone messengers, Ada’s absence still left a huge void in Becky’s life.

Becky continued to soar in her academics and extracurricular activities and before long; it was time to register for her final exams which will enable her get admission into the University. She had already made up her mind that she wanted to become a surgeon specializing in Neurology, since the day she read the book “Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson. She wanted to go to either the University of Ilorin or University of Ibadan, she learnt that they were the best schools in the country and gave scholarships to applicants with outstanding results in W.A.E.C and J.A.M.B; so she determined she was going to get into one of these schools and get a scholarship also.

One day, Becky got home from school and met her parents in the parlor, her Father looked rather pleased as he sipped on a glass of wine while her Mother looked somber and occasionally wiped a tear. She asked what the matter was and her Father replied in an offhand manner;

“Don’t mind your Mother; she’s just thinking of her friends and how much she will miss them”

Confused, she gives her Mother a questioning look but her Father walks up to her, hugs her and says;

“I have been promoted at work and transferred to head the Abuja branch of our organization effective immediately, isn’t that great?”

When Becky heard that, she froze, she couldn’t afford to leave Lagos yet, she wanted to write her final exams and there was still the matter of her sister. Almost like her Father read her mind he said;

“Don’t worry, you can stay with your Mother’s cousin Donatus and when you are done with your exams, you will join us in Abuja before leaving for the University”.

Becky breathed a sigh of relief, she liked Uncle Dona, he had stayed with them when she was little and she remembered him as a funny and kind man, who always made her laugh and gave her candy and biscuits. He got his own apartment and had gotten married and still visited sometimes with his family, so she figured staying with him for a few months would not be bad.

Later that night, when she was talking to Ada on the phone, she told her about their Dad’s promotion and transfer; when Ada suggested that she should come and stay with her in the hostel until after her exams, she told her that their parents already made arrangements for her to stay with Uncle Dona. When Ada heard this, she became livid; she screamed and sputtered in rage;

“Over my dead body will they send you to live with that pig, that imbecile”

And the line went dead.


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