The Family Name – III

“What is going on in this family? Ada hates daddy and mummy yet no one will tell me why” Becky thought aloud. She was left confused and flustered by her sister’s sudden rage and outburst; not so much by the rage because it would seem Ada was always angry especially where their parents were concerned but by her words.

“Why would Ada say such things about Uncle Dona?” She was left with more questions than answers; she thought about telling her mum but decided against it and lay down to sleep. The next morning, Becky awoke to hear an angry voice screaming somewhere in the house, she sat up in her bed and listened closely, at once she recognized her sister Ada’s voice. She found it odd that she was visiting at that time then she remembered the conversation they had the previous night and her angry outbursts. She groaned as she headed for the living room where the entire ruckus was coming from;

“When is all this going to end?” She thought, she was really getting tired of all the drama and secrecy in their family.

Just as she made to enter the living room, she heard Ada say;

“So you want that animal to destroy her life the way he almost ruined mine ehn? He may have gotten away with it when he did it to me but tell him, tell him oh that if he does it to her, I will ensure that he dies a slow and painful death, I swear it with my life.”

Becky froze, she wondered what “it” meant and who Ada was threatening to kill; she entered the living room and saw Ada towering over their mum who sat in a chair silently crying while their dad stood in a corner, jaw set and fury in his eyes. She walks up to her sister and touches her, Ada turns and almost immediately the fight goes out of her when she lays eyes on her to be  replaced by something akin to deep sadness and grief. She hugs her and begs her to stop being so angry,Ada hugs her back very hard and whispers in her ear;

“There are a lot of things I cannot tell you now, but get this, if Donatus as much as touches a hair on your head, make sure you tell me, do you understand”

Becky didn’t understand but she nods, then Ada lets her go, looks at their parents with disdain and storms out of the house. As she leaves, she slams the door so hard that the windows rattle and the framed family picture on the wall falls and the glass breaks into several tiny pieces.

Becky looked down at the shattered picture frame and thought that was a very bad omen, then her Father said;

“Go and pack your things Becky, you are moving to Donatus’s house whether anybody likes it or not, no child of mine will bring shame to this family or dictate to me what to do, not while I am still alive and that is final.”



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