The Family Name – IV

“Go and pack your things Becky, you are moving to Donatus’s house whether anybody likes it or not, no child of mine will bring shame to this family, not while I am still alive and that is final.”

Becky’s Father declared and stormed out of the living room. She looked at her mum’s crying form and asked her;

“Mummy what is going on, why would no one tell me anything?”

Her Mum looked up at her with her tear streaked face and replied;

“Why does your sister insist on kicking against a brick wall and bring shame to our family?”

Her Mother smiled sadly, shook her head and went into her room; Becky wanted answers but so far, all she got were more questions and commands. She went into her room and began to pack her things. Her final exams were 6 months away and she needed to prepare so she decided it was best to focus on it and leave her family’s drama behind her, thank goodness she was moving in with Uncle Dona where she should get the peace and quiet she needs.

Mr. and Mrs. Oge, Becky’s parents were ecstatic about their move to Abuja and Mr. Oge’s big promotion, as they drove to Uncle Dona’s house to drop Becky, they promised to call her everyday and send her weekly allowances through her Uncle. They also warned her to be a good girl and always be obedient to her uncle and his wife, Aunty Felicia. When they got to Uncle Dona’s house, he was waiting for them outside with a huge smile on his face.

Dona was a huge man with huge hands and belly and a shiny head who seemed to be covered in hair from his head to his toes, but for all the hair he had on his body and face, there was none on his head because he was bald. As he greeted her parents, Becky remembered Ada’s warnings again but decided then that Uncle Dona was big, loud and funny but harmless, Ada was just being a drama queen as always. Aunty Felicia, Uncle Dona’s wife was very different from her husband; she was small, slim with small eyes and mouth, she rarely smiled or spoke unless in greeting or if she was asked a question. Ada always said she reminded her of a vulture and that they deserved each other. Uncle Dona and his wife didn’t have any kids of their own so they assured Becky’s parents that she was more than welcome as they loved the extra company;  Becky was shown to her room by a grim faced Aunty Felicia and when she thanked her, she said;

“Just be a good girl, focus on your studies and do what you are asked to do, make sure you don’t bring any of your friends home and we’ll be fine.”

Becky complied and just before she left her room, Aunty Felicia looked at her and said;

“One more thing, always lock the door of your room at night, if you don’t, whatever happens to you is entirely your fault.”

Aunty Felicia gave her a sad look and left her room, Becky didn’t know what to make of her Aunt’s warning, everyone kept giving her half warnings but no explanation, she was tired and confused, she needed answers fast.




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