The Family – V

Mr. and Mrs. Oge relocated to Abuja and Becky settled into life in Uncle Dona’s house; whilst all of her focus was on her preparing for her exams, she also ensured that she helped Aunt Felicia with house chores and caused no trouble. Uncle Dona remained warm and friendly with her while Aunt Felicia was indifferent and aloof. Uncle Dona was a businessman who was always on the road but whenever he came back from one of his trips, he always had gifts for her and hilarious stories he shared with her on the balcony of their house in the evenings when the power was out. She had really grown to like and respect Uncle Dona; she would never understand Ada’s hatred for him, she had tried to tell him what a good man he was but she insisted that he was anything but good and always said;

“A leopard can never rid itself of its spot, no matter how much he tries; it is a part of him”.

One day, Uncle Dona had just returned from one of his business trips and this time, he got her a pretty yellow dress which Becky loved immediately. The dress was made from chiffon material and had a little bow under the bust line with frills on the arm, Becky was so thrilled she ran to show Aunt Felicia the dress but when her aunt saw it, she looked at her with an expression she didn’t understand and then without a word, she continued what she was doing.  Becky shrugged it off to her aunt being her usual aloof self and went to keep her dress in her room.

Later that night, Becky and her uncle sat in the balcony of their house and as he sipped on his favorite brew of beer and he told her stories.  As the evening wore on, so did several bottles of beer and Uncle Dona’s stories were inexhaustible. When it was a few minutes after 10pm, Aunt Felicia came out and told Becky to go to bed, Uncle Dona protested and said she should go to bed instead and when Becky was ready she would go to, he also emphasized that the next day was a weekend but Aunt Felicia insisted saying;

“She has to attend tutorials tomorrow for her exams, so she is going to bed now.”

Becky decided that to avoid any tension, she would obey her aunt, so she bid her uncle goodnight and went straight to her room. As she was about to close the door, she discovered that her aunt had followed her then she told her;

“Don’t forget to lock the door, may God see you through this night.” Then she turned and left.

Becky closed the door and made sure she locked and secured it, she would never understand why her aunt and sister kept giving her ominous warnings but it wouldn’t hurt to obey.  She decided to call her sister Ada before drifting off and after 2 rings, she picked the call and they began to talk. While they were talking, all of a sudden someone began to bang the door of her room demanding that she open it, soon she realized it was a very drunk and angry Uncle Dona at her door;

“How dare you lock a door in my house, open this door right now!!!”

Amidst her uncle’s raucous, she could hear her aunt in a terrified voice begging her uncle to leave her alone and go to his own room but he refused.  Becky was still on the phone with Ada who had heard all the commotion going on, so she said to her;

“No matter what happens, do not open that door, stay in that room till I get there tomorrow; even if you have to pee, do it there in your room, do not go out of your room while that imbecile is drunk, he would not ruin your life the way he did mine.”


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