The Famil Name – VI

“Becky will you open this door right now, how dare you?” screamed Uncle Dona as he repeatedly knocked on the door of Becky’s bedroom.

“Dona please don’t do this, let us go to bed, biko oh” pleaded Aunty Felicia, but all her pleas fell on deaf ears as Uncle Dona was too drunk for reason.

Meanwhile inside the room, Becky was still on the phone with Ada, she was terrified and crying but Ada kept comforting her and told her to ignore Dona and go to bed while also insisting that she must not open the door. Uncle Dona went on with his drunken rampage for over an hour but soon exhaustion set in and he sat right at the foot of her door and slept off but not before promising Becky a thorough beating the next day. Becky didn’t understand how sweet Uncle Dona who was telling her stories and making her laugh had turned into this monster that now wanted to harm her; now she understood why everyone kept warning her to be careful.

The next morning, Becky was awoken by voices shouting behind the door of her room, she thought Uncle Dona was still on the rampage but soon she realized that there were two people arguing and the other voice belonged to Ada her sister. When she heard Ada’s voice, a wave of relief washed over her, she knew her sister would defend her no matter what. She went to the door and opened it a little, she saw her sister glaring at Uncle Dona’s drunken form on the floor, screaming at him and saying;

“You think, you will rape her and get away with it, just like you did with me? think again you imbecile, I will kill you myself before I let that happen.”

Becky was shocked when she heard this, she opened the door and when Ada saw her, she ran to her, hugged her and began to cry. Now she knew why Ada never liked Uncle Dona and why she was always angry, he had hurt her in the past. Together they stood there crying and apologizing to each other; after all this while, she finally understood her sister’s anger and rage but also she couldn’t help wonder why her parents did nothing about it. She asked Ada if their parents knew what Uncle Dona did and she said yes, just then he burst into laughter;

“What will your parents do, you think they will believe you? Even if they did, you think such a thing will be allowed outside of the family, they wouldn’t want such a scandal to taint their “good name” and reputation?” mocked Uncle Dona with a smirk on his face.

Becky then asked why she didn’t go to the police and that made Uncle Dona howl with laughter. Ada told her going to the police was useless, and that when she did, they told her it was a family issue that should be settled by the family and even when one of them was nice enough to follow her home, he was bribed to shut up and look away. When she heard this, Becky was livid and told Ada to take her away from Uncle Dona’s house, then he said;

“You are going nowhere little girl, your Father left you here and this is where you will stay”

Ada looked at Uncle Dona with eyes hard as steel as said;

“You just try and stop me Dona, try and stop me from taking my daughter out of here”

Becky, Uncle Dona and even Aunty Felicia who was lurking in the shadows froze when they heard the word “DAUGHTER”.



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  1. chainbreakercorporation says:

    You are an inspirational beautiful fairy!
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