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KILLA: (Diary Of The Tempted)

This short poem was inspired when i read Proverbs 5:1-20. It is the story of someone who had been through a bitter experience, trying to warn another person about to make the same mistake. I have always found it intriguing … Continue reading

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Habits That Make You Look Bad In Public.

Have you ever been in a bus in Lagos and all of a sudden, you begin to hear the popping sound of someone’s gum? I do not know about you but it makes my skin crawl, I feel like reaching … Continue reading

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She was tired and ached all over, she was glad he had finally left the room, the incessant arguments,fighting and attacks always left her drained physically and emotionally, their relationship was Topsy turvy, lovely today,hell tomorrow. For all she cared, … Continue reading

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Under this sky…

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Paris and other parts of the world ravaged by war and other crisis we can only pray for world peace, it is not about fighting about who to pray for because whether … Continue reading

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Last Saturday, i went for a friend’s wedding and after giving the couple my best wishes i sat with some friends to enjoy the rest of the wedding celebrations. Going to weddings with friends make it more fun whether you … Continue reading

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From the beginning of time, from the first man ever created, there has existed a breed, a special creature with special talents and features to change man and the world, with just their silence; they are called “THE CONFESSORS”. The … Continue reading

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Growing up in Naija – Parents Names.

So i decided to start a series titled “Growing up in naija”,it was inspired by the Secondary schools in Nigeria hashtag that trended for weeks. It brought back so many memories and i would like to remind us of some … Continue reading

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