My Lost Angel – VII

Angela was simply a breath of fresh air for Ella, since she started working for her, Ella no longer felt gloomy and depressed even though she missed her mother and still couldn’t make sense of her death. She was learning to live again and had resumed work but somehow she always found herself looking forward to Angela’s visits, if she could call it that; and there was the matter of her either inviting her to one church programme or the other or singing gospel songs while she cleaned. Ella didn’t mind anymore, it reminded her of her mum and gave her a sense of peace and calm. She was still angry at God for allowing her mother die but she didn’t mind Angela talking about him because she spoke as if she knew him personally and when she did, she always had look Ella could describe as serene.

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My Lost Angel -VI

“If you want to continue working here, shut your mouth and work; no more talk about God and his goodness” screamed Ella.

She gave Angela a hard stare and walked out of her mother’s room; when she got to her room, she threw herself on her bed, still brimming with anger, she screamed into one of the pillows. Why was she allowing what a teenager said get to her? She didn’t understand life or what she had been through, she only knows what she’s been told. Ella was so upset but a thought kept nagging at her, then it clicked; it was odd but she was sure of it, after she screamed at Angela, the girl smiled.

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My Lost Angel -V

“Aunty Ella, you said you need help, so here I am”…

At her doorstep stood this beautiful skinny dark girl smiling up at her; Ella looked skeptically at her and asked;

“Please, who are you and what are you talking about?”

The girl replied smiling; “My name is Angela, you told your landlady you needed someone to clean every week, so here I am”.

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My Lost Angel – IV

Ella had buried her Mother, now it was time to begin the healing process, at least that was what everyone kept telling her. With seemingly genuine smiles on their faces and pity in their eyes, some would hug or hold her hand while urging her to accept her fate and move on, some even had the gall and effrontery to tell her to turn her focus now on getting married and having a bunch kids; she didn’t understand how people could be so insensitive.

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My Lost Angel – III

Ella began to make plans for her Mother’s burial despite how sad and lonely she felt, she still wanted to give her Mother a befitting burial so she left no stone unturned.  The Pastor and members of the church she and her Mum attended visited her and told her they would support her in any way they could.  Ella was glad for the support but she could do without their sympathies and words of encouragement because they were hurting more than helping. They kept saying she should accept God’s will and quoted verses like “the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh”. All their words did was to strengthen her resolve to have nothing to do with a God who did random acts of cruelty and called it “his will”; she will be fine on her own.

Some days before the burial, everyone kept asking her one question,

“Are there any relatives we can contact?”

And she always answered that there were none. This too was another source of pain for Ella because her mother had grown and lived in an orphanage all her life until she went to the University and met her Father. Ella’s Father was from a very wealthy family, his parents did not support their relationship because she was a nobody and did not belong in their social circle but when he insisted, they gave in. Ella’s parents got married and a few days shy of their 1st wedding anniversary, she was born and their joy knew no bounds.

Few months later, tragedy struck; Ella’s dad was killed in a plane crash on a business trip overseas. His plane had dropped into the sea, it was never found and his body too, even though some bodies and scraps from the plane were found.  Ella’s mum was devastated; here she was a new mum now a widow and they could not find her husband’s corpse too. She got very little comfort from his family; they had always been cold to her but with her husband’s death, they became brutal. They kicked her out of her home and told her never to return, when she pleaded with them and told them to think of their granddaughter Ella, they laughed saying she was a girl, only a boy mattered to them.

Ella couldn’t be angry at the family she didn’t know, she could not contact them even if she wanted to. Her Mother had told her the story but refused to reveal the identity of her grandparents, she said it was all in the past and she had forgiven them and moved on. That was one of the things that hurt her most, her mother was such a kind and forgiving person who life had treated so badly yet she always had a positive and happy disposition. Since Ella did not know her dad’s family and her mother was raised in orphanage, she was going to bury her Mother with no family member present.

When the day of the burial dawned, it was as gloomy as Ella felt, it rained throughout that day as if the sky was weeping for her loss. When the rain would not let up or show signs of stopping, the burial was done in the rain. Through the programme Ella functioned by default, her eyes were dry, she felt like her tear ducts had dried up from crying so much. When her mother’s casket was being lowered into the grave, something in her snapped, she realized the finality of her mother’s death and with a loud cry she fell to her knees. The pastor’s wife who had been standing beside her, knelt by her and held her, she helped her pour sand on the casket and when they began to cover the grave with sand, Ella felt the ground give way under her.

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My Lost Angel – II

angels_guardians_from_heaven___their_habitats_book_surrealism_and_fantasy__abstract__0101772834766b919c48244e5a7c3641Ella’s mind could not just fathom what the doctor was saying; her mum could not be dead. She ran out of the doctor’s office to the Intensive Care Unit where her mum was being treated and she found the nurses prepping her body to be taken away to the mortuary. She let out a shrill scream that was heard throughout the hospital, she ran to her mother’s body, pushed the nurses aside and grabbed her Mum shaking her and begging her to open her eyes. When the nurses tried to comfort and pry her hands away from her mum’s lifeless body, she screamed and told they to go away; they tried all they could but to no avail. When the doctor who broke the sad news came into the room and tried to talk some sense into her, she told him;

“My Mother is not dead, she would never leave me, you don’t understand she is all I have; no one will take her anywhere, she is alive, she is not dead”.

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My Lost Angel.


Hello there, thank you for always coming to my blog to read my posts and stories, the past few weeks have been crazy for me but trust me my weekly posts would always be done. This week, I am starting another series and yes it is a love story but a different kind of love story. Join me as we go on this beautiful journey and enjoy the story of Ella.

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